Wealth Ed is a must read for every teacher in Ontario! It provides the basic understanding that every teacher should have to maximize their wealth.”

Martha Davison, Teachers Credit Union


Wealth Ed is an indispensible financial guide for educators! I was impressed by its broadness in scope, which truly does provide a “wealth” of information for educators. The author’s conversational tone and the logical and progressive organization of material make the book very accessible. Thank you Mr. Waldron! Your seriousness in purpose – to enhance teachers’ financial literacy – is evident and sincere.”

Tina Lirette, Secondary Teacher, Thames Valley District School Board


“I have been a financial services professional for well over 20 years, both as a client facing practitioner and an academic course and curriculum develop. I read Wealth Ed out of interest and found it to be a well written, easy to follow guide for understanding the many aspects of financial planning and how to navigate the financial services landscape. Mr. Waldron has captured the important details and presented them in such a way as to make anyone who reads his book, financial savvy.”

Janice Hanna


“After reading Wealth Ed I took a deeper look into my banking fee situation and realized that across two accounts I was paying close to $25 per month. I contacted my bank, closed one account that I didn’t need and got a better fee package that suits my needs. In all I am saving $21 per month for an annual savings of $252. Wealth Ed was well worth the $21 investment.”

Andrew Cuttle


“Wealth Ed is the most valuable resource on money management and achievement of financial goals that I’ve ever seen! I wish that Waldron’s book had been available nine years ago when I began work in the OSSTF District 11 London office.

Information is presented in three progressive levels of knowledge in user friendly language – an absolute asset for all Ontario teachers, from new grads to retirees, as well as their children, friends and other family members. This is a book of financial information and valuable tips that one returns to repeatedly. I give this book my highest recommendation and hope that every teacher family own a copy.

Information on topics such as mortgages, RRSPs, RESPs, tax planning, wills, pensions and estate planning is conveniently presented in ONE book! As a bonus, John Waldron has included a comprehensive list of related links for contact. An AWESOME gift!”

Mary Lou Cunningham, President of Active Retired Members (ARM) Chapter 11 – Thames Valley