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Wealth Ed: Money Management for Ontario Teachers
John Waldron, MBA, CFP, FCSI, CSWP

Smart financial planning means you need to consider all your retirement income options, not just your Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan. Wealth Ed: Money Management for Ontario Teachers is a new book that takes you beyond your Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan. Learn how to develop, prioritize, and achieve your financial goals with sound advice on investing, mortgages, pension plans, estate planning, insurance, real estate, income splitting, debt management and more. The book provides valuable information to teachers in all stages of their career – from newly graduated to recently retired. In three separate modules, you get practical advice on the six key areas of financial planning:
    1. Money management
    2. Insurance
    3. Tax planning
    4. Investing
    5. Retirement
    6. Estate planning
Get sound advice on the key financial issues for Ontario teachers:
    • How the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan works
    • Preparing for an ‘85 Factor’ retirement
    • Reduced pensions and the pros and cons of taking Canada Pension Plan early
    • The rules around credit buy backs and taking the commuted value of a pension
    • Integrating your Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan with the Canada Pension Plan and the Old Age Security program
    • Preparing for retirement and supplementing your retirement income
    • Survivor pension benefits and alternative strategies for surviving spouses
    • Minimizing the tax implications of receiving a Retirement Gratuity
    • Guidelines for planning ‘X over Y’ leaves and sabbaticals